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Brief of the Project

Project Phoenix – Community Support Service Scheme is originated from the Project Phoenix. This was a pioneer project initiated and cooperated by Methodist Centre and the Wan Chai Police Station since 1.1.1992.

“Phoenix”, is a lifelong bird in the legend. It means “life beyond death”. We believe that the youth should be given an opportunity to a brand new start. This project offers professional intervention and guidance to those who were under the *Police Superintendent Discretionary Scheme (PSDS). We provide support in facilitating them to be on the right track. We also empower them to build up relationship with their related system included family, school as well as peers. The professionals would encourage them to explore and develop their potentials to their utmost, and facilitate them to dedicate themselves to the community.

Since 1.10.1994, the project has been subvented by the Social Welfare Department. Its service boundary has extended to cover the whole Hong Kong Island and Outlying Islands (except Tung Chung).

*Police Superintendent’s Discretion 
•    When a juvenile under the age of 18 has committed an offence, and there is sufficient evidence to charge him /her with the offence, Police may take prosecution action like a normal case and take the juvenile offender to the Juvenile Court.
•    Another way to deal with the case is for a Police Officer of the rank of Superintendent or above to exercise discretion to issue a caution to the juvenile offender, instead of taking him /her to the Juvenile Court. The juvenile offender to whom the caution was administered must be put under Police Juvenile Protection Section's supervision for a period of two years or until he / she reaches the age of 18, whichever is earlier.

Methods of Service Application / Referrals
  1. Self-Referral: Youngsters who are cautioned under PSDS and their parents/guardians can apply directly;
  2. Police-Referral: Police can refer suitable youngsters;
  3. Other-Referral: Schools, Community representatives, regional organizations or district institutions are also welcome to make referrals.
Exit of Service
Service users have to inform the responsible social worker for withdrawal. Follow-up and certain assessment will be made before further arrangement. If the service users still decide to withdraw, they may have to sign the withdrawal with their parents/guardian in person.
Termination of Service
If the youngsters are not eligible to meet the criteria of the services, social workers will verbally inform the youngsters and their families for termination. Written form for termination will be made if necessary.