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Individual Counseling

服務類別 Type of Services

(1) 情緒輔導 Psychological Counseling for Emotional Issues

We all have our ups and downs, individual counseling helps us identify and utilize new and more adaptive behavioral and cognitive modes to handle our problems, so that we can understand ourselves and others better, feel better and find more effective ways to face our inner world.


(2) 心理評估/治療 Psychological Assessment / Treatment

With the use of psychological tests, various assessment tools, and evaluative analysis, the origins of our psychological and mood problems would be explored, and more adaptive coping strategies could then be developed.


(3) 臨床心理輔導 Clinical Psychological Service

Clinical psychological services integrate theories in clinical psychology, scientific research, evidenced-based practice and clinical experiences to assess and diagnose if necessary the symptoms and difficulties of the clients so that appropriate interventions and treatment plans can take place. Adults, youths, children, couples, family seek help to cope with and alleviate the distress from their emotional, behavioral and cognitive disturbances so that they can establish a healthier psychological wellbeing with better life choices. In recent years, our centre has introduced sand tray therapy as part of the treatment plan and assessment tool.

服務收費 Service Fee


 (4) rTMS 「重複性經顱磁刺激」治療  rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Treatment

rTMS的原理是利用暫時性的高磁場,引發腦神經細胞的電流傳遞,來調節大腦中的神經活動。rTMS的磁脈衝刺激大腦情緒區域,可以使腦部釋  放血清素等神經傳達物質,改善憂鬱症狀。
The mechanism underlying rTMS is that a temporary, high magnetic fields induce electrical transmission of neurons in the brain to regulate neural activities. The magnetic pulse of rTMS stimulates the part of the brain, which is involved in emotional responses, resulting in the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin to improve depression symptoms.

rTMS 於 2008 年起在美國已核准用於治療抑鬱症,近年的研究顯示rTMS治療對以下狀況帶來顯著成果:​

rTMS has been approved for the treatment of depression in the United States since 2008. Recent studies have shown that rTMS treatment brings significant results to the following conditions:

  • 抑鬱症 depression
  • 焦慮症 anxiety
  • 強迫症 OCD
  • 失眠 Insomnia
  • 認知障礙症 Dementia
  • 過度活躍及專注力不足 Hyperactivity and attention deficit
  • 柏金遜症 Parkinson's disease
  • 腦中風 Stroke

另外,亦有研究指出,rTMS 對健康正常人士的腦部,也有增強記憶、延後退化、及增強學習等功效。
In addition, some studies have pointed out that rTMS also has the effects of enhancing memory, delaying degeneration, and enhancing learning in the brains of healthy and normal people.

rTMS 有副作用嗎? 
Does rTMS have side effects?
由於rTMS 治療是針對腦部的治療,而非像藥物般的全身性的化學治療,因此rTMS十分安全,除少數患者會頭痛外,副作用比較少。唯需要注意的是有癲癇病史、酒精成癮、以及其他易誘發癲癇狀態的藥物或疾病、腦部創傷或有電子耳、心律節律器等金屬植入物的患者不適用rTMSSince rTMS is a treatment for the brain rather than a systemic therapy like drugs, it is very safe and has fewer side effects except for headaches in a few patients. The only thing to note is that rTMS is contraindicated in patients with a history of epilepsy, alcohol addiction, brain trauma, and on conditions or drugs that are prone to induce epilepsy, and with metal implants such as electronic ears and heart rhythm devices.

每次收費:HK$2200 (查詢請電 2520 4955)
Fee for each session of rTMS: HK$2200 (Please call 2520 4955 for enquiries)

查詢電話 Enquiry

2520-4933 / 2520-4955 / 9601-7781

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