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Premarital Counseling

婚前輔導主要是協助準新人瞭解婚姻的真貌,探索原生家庭對未來婚姻的影響、建立愛與溝通、學習姻親相處等; 從而未雨綢繆,建立美滿婚姻。
Family is the cornerstone of our society. We believe that with enough premarital preparation and continuous improvement and growth throughout the marriage, a positive life path and a healthy family can be attained, which in turns bring about more love and positivity into our society.

The main goals of premarital counseling is to assist the soon-to-be married couple to learn more about the realistic views of marriage, explore and understand how their family-of-origin may influence their future marriage, develop and cultivate love and communication, and how to get along in a marriage.
節數Session 主題Theme 內容Content
1 相識.相惜
Meeting, Falling in love
Psychological journey from falling in love to marriage
* 關係評估
Relationship Analysis
填寫 Prepare / Enrich 評估問卷(*可選擇於家中填寫)
Fill in PREPARE-ENRICH assessment (*done at home online)
2 婚姻的迷思
Marriage Expectations
對婚禮籌備/ 未來婚姻與家庭的寄望
Wedding ceremony, banquet & planning/ expectations on marriage and family   
3 情牽兩代心
Generational influences
Family-of-origin and its influence on personal development
4 知彼知己
Getting to Know Each Other
Exploring the differences in personality
5 愛與溝通
Love and Communication
Empathy: active listening and expressing
6 未雨綢繆
Proactive Preparation    
親密關係/ 財務處理/ 生兒育女/ 姻親相處/ 時間管理
Intimate relationship/ financial responsibility/ children & parenting/ getting along with each other/ time management

服務收費Service Fees

* 輔導費用已包含 Prepare / Enrich Inventory 關係評估費用(由生命與啟迪培訓公司收取)。
整套婚前輔導包括六次(每節75分鐘)面談及一次PREPARE / ENRICH婚前/婚姻關係評估(附帶一份分析結果報告予每對伴侶)。

*Counseling fees include: PREPARE/ENRICH inventory assessment (collected by Life & Marriage Enrichment Ltd.).
The pre-marital counseling package comes with 6 face-to-face sessions (75 minutes per session) and the analysis and reporting of the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory assessment by your counselor/ therapist (Each partner will receive a copy of the assessment report).


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