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Marital and Family Counseling

以推動健康家庭生活為目標,通過家庭增潤服務以促進「家庭健康」(Family Well-Being),提昇家庭功能及成員間之親密關係,藉以培育家庭在各項挑戰中成長,繼而建設和諧社區。中心本著基督的愛,以聖經真理為家庭提供優質服務及介入,以協調家庭成員間之互動,增進家庭成員身、心、社、靈的健康成長。處理範圍包括夫婦或親子關係問題、婚外情、兩代或姻親相處問題等。

Based on the goal of pursing a healthy family life, via family learning, growth and development, each family unit is to achieve family Well-Being, improve the function of the family and relationship between each member, nurture the family to grow through different challenges and eventually build a harmonious family and community. Our centre, through the love of God and the learning from the Bible, we provide excellent service to facilitate to improve the interpersonal relationship between family members, promote the healthy growth of our “Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Health.” Service coverage includes marital issues, parental issues, extra-marital affairs, generational or in-laws problems.

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