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  • 1981年,本機構自資舉辦青年活動,開始服務社區;
  • 1983年接受政府撥款,成立首間兒童及青少年中心暨自修室服務;
  • 2002年循道衛理鴨脷洲中心併入本機構,隨後合併成立綜合青少年服務。


  • 1984年於灣仔成立外展老人服務,1994年延展至北角區;
  • 1989年成立修頓老人中心和老人宣教服務;
  • 1992年開創火鳳凰計劃;
  • 1999年成立循道衛理灣仔長者地區中心,於2002年轉型為長者地區中心。
  • 1989至1991年重建水手館及本機構灣仔總部;
  • 陸續創設適切服務,包括:延伸教育服務、課餘託管服務、兒童及家庭支援服務、火鳳凰社區支援服務、更生青少年服務、輔導及就業綜合服務、再培訓課程、學校支援服務等;
  • 2007年合併青少年服務,成立愛秩序灣綜合青少年服務,火鳳凰計劃也被納入。
  • 2007年結束衛蘭幼兒園,轉型為兒童及家庭支援服務;
  • 2008年完成市區重建社工服務隊、2013年結束明華大廈重建社工隊、2015年完成駐屋宇署社工隊;
  • 2009年將四個營舍交回總議會重修及管理;
  • 2016年結束營運書室服務及青苗設計服務;
  • 2017年結束社會企業約3:16餐廳。
  • 2008年成功投標改善家居及社區照顧服務(港島區);
  • 2009年成立循道衛理健樂軒;
  • 2011年成功投標離院長者綜合支援計劃;
  • 2013年成立循道衛理社區照顧中心(東區);
  • 2014年成立循道衛理盈智中心;
  • 2016年成立循道衛理盈樂軒;
  • 2016年成立循道衛理銅鑼灣培訓中心。


Brief History 

In view of the love of Jesus Christ and Church’s care for the needs of the world, the Wesley Methodist Missionary Trust Society of England established a Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home in Wan Chai in 1927. The Home was instituted to serve the British Armed Forces stationed in Hong Kong. In the 70’s, the size of garrison was reduced. The Missionary Trust Society then started to provide social service for local people through the Management Committee formed by representatives of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong and the English Speaking Methodist Church. In October 1980, Methodist Centre was established as one of the social service organizations under the Methodist Church, Hong Kong.

Footprint of Methodist Centre:

A New Start of Serving the Community

  • In 1981, the Centre started social services by organizing self-financed activities for the youth;
  • In 1983, the first Children and Youth Centre and students’ study room was established with government funding;
  • In 2002, Methodist Ap Lei Chau Centre was integrated with the Centre and formed the Integrated Children and Youth Services.

Caring for the Old and the Weak
  • In 1984, the Centre initiated an Outreaching Elderly Service in Wan Chai and extended to North Point in 1994;
  • In 1989, Southorn Centre For The Elderly and Elderly Mission Service was launched;
  • In 1992, Project Phoenix Community Support Service Scheme was initiated;
  • In 1999, Wan Chai Methodist Centre For The Seniors was established and later upgraded to District Elderly Community Centre in 2002.

Innovative Services with Diversity
  • During 1989 to 1991, the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home and Wan Chai Main Office was redeveloped;
  • New services was launched to meet changing social needs, including Continuing Education Service, After School Care Service, Children & Family Support Service, Project Phoenix-Community Support Service Scheme, Youth Rehabilitation Service, Counseling and Integrated Employment Services, Employees Retaining Courses, School Support Service and so on.
  • In 2007, children and youth services was merged and the Aldrich Bay Integrated Children and Youth Services was established, in which Project Phoenix was also included. Service Enhancement to Meet Challenges
  • In 2007, Wesley Day Nursery was closed and transformed to Children & Family Support Service;
  • Urban Renewal Social Service Team, Ming Wah Building Redevelopment Project Social Service Team and Social Services Teams in Buildings Department completed its duty in 2008, 2013 and 2015 respectively;
  • From 2009, the four camp sites were handed over to Conference Office for modernization and operation;
  • In 2016, Bookroom Service and Green Design Service was ended;
  • In 2017, the social enterprise, John 3:16 Café was closed. 
Professional Services in response to Social Needs
  • In 2008, the tender for Enhanced Home and Community Care Service (HK Cluster) was granted;
  • In 2009, Methodist Kin Lok Centre was established;
  • In 2011, the tender for Integrated Discharge Support Program for Elderly Patients was granted;
  • In 2013, Methodist Community Care Centre (Eastern) was established;
  • In 2014, Methodist Agile Mind Centre was established;
  • In 2016, Methodist Rejoice Centre was established;
  • In 2016, Methodist Causeway Bay Training Centre was established.

To conclude, we provide comprehensive and quality professional services which cover different aspects of the society from infants to elders, from Wan Chai to Hong Kong Island and other districts. It is our mission to live out the mission of Jesus Christ and to care about the disadvantaged groups.